Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spoked Wheel - Part 2 - Spoke Material Properties

Spoke Material and Properties
From spoke manufacturer's websites:
Dt spokes: 18/10 stainless
Wheelsmith: 304 stainless *
Sapim spokes: 18/8 stainless. Strength = 1080(157 ksi)-1180 mpa (basic spoke, middle section) , Strength=1350 mpa (196 ksi) (normal double butted spoke, 2/1.8)
"Strength" unfortunately don't know if this is Tensile or Yield Strength.

*(304 ss is 18-20 Cr and 8-10 Ni, so basically we have identical spoke material..)

Annealed, non cold worked, 304 is not that strong. From one material table TS=75 ksi, YS=30 ksi.

But looking in machinery's handbook (25th p384), they do list the Tensile of 18/8 wire:
2.34 mm TS = 233 ksi
2mm TS = 240 ksi
1.8mm TS =245 ksi
1.6 mm TS=251ksi

This is really quite high! I have to admit, a lot higher than I expected.

2014 comments:  I now use this, my own  blog post,  for reference :)