Friday, June 26, 2009

Pa and Oh visits

Been in Allentown PA for interaction / training with the Pro Pump Services guys. Been here nearly two weeks. Visited two Powerplants, a foundry, and our Sulzer service center. Here we are at Cogentrix plant in Northampton that burns waste coal (basically coal that was "dumped" and is sitting in piles around Pennsylvania).

Here we are measuring vibration on a booster pump (a small pump, yes relatively, this is a small pump). I have the blue hardhat on.

I managed to make a quick trip to Ohio for the weekend to see Joel Sharon Caleb and Cameron. Here are the boys playing golf. A lot of fun. Here Caleb is getting the ball back to the green after launching if off the tee well beyond the the green and into a hay field. This was Cameron first time swinging a real golf club and he did quite well! Even managed to skip the ball off the water.

2014 comments :   These guys are big boys now !