Saturday, July 11, 2009

Building Tandem Wheel

Some pictures of working on tandem wheel.Here are the spokes, the nipples, the washers, nut driver. The nut driver bit had to make myself, with a file, brazing and then turning on the lathe. It is square to fit over the end of the nipples. The nipples took a long time to prep. I had to lathe-turn each one to get rid of the slot and to put a slight curve to them.

Here is a picture of the Wheel half-laced.

And here is a picture of the nipple (flipped) and washer inside the rim, to help spread out the load. Higher spokes forces are possible with lower peak stress onto the rim and nipple. Fatigue life should be improved with a stronger wheel. Also improved aerodynamics with hidden nipple. Fortunately with these rims, the rim bed was nearly flat for 9 mm od of the washers, So the washers are only slightly taco shape. The ideal is to have enough surface area in between the under force components that everything stays elastic.

2014 comments. since been sold.  New tandem wheels are only 24 spoked, but built using the same principles...