Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crank Brothers Eggbeater Pedals

If the little bearing on end of the pedal fails the pedal body can come off the spindle. The rest of the ride will be one-legged (if your lucky, if un-lucky a bad crash and ambulance ride) . Now i have had this happen to me, but not with an eggbeater, and I was lucky and didn't crash.

To help prevent this from happening an extra bearing can be added. In addition to another bearing (686 sealed, vxb sells cheap), Will need a longer 4 mm bolt (local hardware) and a washer overlapping the inner seal lip, helps shield from the elements (since rubber end cap now can't be used..). Place 2nd bearing in after clip. Note will not work with all eggbeater spindles. (some use nuts rather than bolts to hold bearing in / hold pedal body unto spindle. )

Also will need to use thread lock or have the bolt bottom out perfectly without putting too much preload on outer bearing. Also should probably have a washer in between the two bearings the same or slightly greate thickness than the snap ring clip. Ok possibly if you get the spacing correct on the in-between-washer (not shown below), you might not need thread lock, etc.

2014 comments :  Hmmmm.  I havent' done this in years..  I don't even know if its possible . I am still riding Candy's though.