Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hauling Steel

Been taking steel to Metro Metals. They have a pretty nice and fast process and helpful and friendly people. Weigh on the way in, dump steel, weigh on the way out, they print a check a give to you.

This was $50 worth of steel,(I added a couple more items, and had 700 lbs of steel !)

Disassembling the metal shaper, still need to get the body hauled. Maybe next weekend if my little truck can handle the weight.


Doc said...

Dude I would have given three times more cash for that shaper! Why would you want to take a piece of industrial history and destroy it? Damn such a waste! I have been searching for a metal shaper for about 5 years now and here you are selling one for scrap price so it can be melted down! I would have restored it back to its original condition and used it.

I guess people dont see things the way I do.

john said...

lol.. these shapers are for sale everywhere. Hell mine was for sale for a good half a year I think at $200 (like less than scrap). Few lookers but _No one_ wanted it. If you want a metal shaper I would suggest going for a little 7 in "benchtop" shaper. Anything bigger and it is just too hard to move them etc. Keep your eyes open you'll find one.