Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shelves and Shaper

Been making some nice garage shelves. The secret to making them fast and accurate is to Dado cut (shelve slots) the fours corner posts all together. In this particular case i had a 2x8 that I slotted, then i ripped into 4 pieces. With subsequent bracing makes for a lightweight and strong shelves.

Finally got the metal shaper body hauled away to Metro Metals. 740 lbs. Using a pry bar, 4x4's and jacks and a cable winch it took an hour plus to load without injury... The tailgate barely handled it, and is now slightly bent.

It was unloaded in all of 5 seconds by a big magnet (which for a second or two, when only holding on a corner and about 5 feet above, thought was going to let go and really bend up the the pickup..)

2014 comments:  still have the shelving, and since have made _a lot_ more shelves (especially for the new rented townhouse that has no built-ins...).  The Pickup has long been sold, but was of course a great little vehicle.