Monday, August 17, 2009

Tandem !

Bought an old burley tandem for $400. ~15 yrs old ? but lightly used and sensibly made (i like the internal shifter cables..). Fairly heavy, but sturdy.
I added my new tandem wheels (the original tandem wheel had a bent axle even from light use). I re-machined the front bottom bracket eccentric to take a 110 mm spindle rather than the bowlegged length of 126 mm.

Added V-brakes which of course are huge improvement over cantilevers, especially for the rear brake (with its long cable). [Note must use "v-brake" road levers and not say a travel agent with normal road levers, to get the advantage of less force in cable and subsequent less "sponge"]. We did a couple max-stops and yes can almost slide the tires ! Its stops like single racing bike. Kool stop pads of course. The rims are a fairly inexpensive Alex Rim, wide but 30mm deep , so plenty of aluminum for a "heat sink" or at least i hope. Panracer 35c tires; way wider than i expected. Should have went with 32 or 28.

We did the Portland sunday Parkway and rode up mt tabor. Felt great both going up and coming down. The steering is a little strange and will take some getting use to.

2014 comments.   This was a great tandem.  It is sold now and we have new Tsunami frame, which I also built new wheels for (which I will do a new post on...)