Friday, October 9, 2009

Cannondale Fork mod

Recently picked up a cannondale racing frame and fork off of ebay for $230. It is light, by far the lightest bike i have ever owned. It is fairly stiff also. It had some issues: slight misalignment issues, wore-out dropouts, a bunch of corrision spots under the paint. But, for the most part a well made frame that rides nice and is fun to ride, and will make an excellent racing bike..

It came with an integrated headset. It seemed like something was missing, like there should be some sort of "fork plate" (some called it a "base plate"?.. ). No-one could tell me, nor could i find anything that said or showed what needed to go there. Most said the Bearing just goes right on the carbon fiber.

The engineer in me said no-way, poor design.. i don't like high point loads into "plastic"... So i managed to make an aluminum "base" on my lathe. It was very delicate machining. Had to keep it thin and get the angles correct. Came out nice ! I took some short carbon fibers (made by "trimming" carbon fiber cloth), mixed with epoxy and used that under and in between.

I also added slight shim from a soda can.

2014 comments.  The baseplate is still on the fork.  the soda can diametrical shim ?  silly :)  The frame and fork I still have.  A few more dents and dings...:)  Its been hanging up for a year or two, but its about to come back into service....