Tuesday, November 17, 2009

busy month

Been pretty busy the last month or so. First went up to Edmonton for a week of work at Sulzer service center. Nice service center, nice people. It was cold (below freezing) and yes snowed as well. Very car-centric. Would have been nearly impossible to go for a walk.

Went to the huge indoor mall in edmonton. The indoor roller coaster was quite impressive! But the mall itself.. I don't know... the whole concept of it seemed somewhat depressing. I did bring ice skates and went skating for an hour at free-skate.

I flew back into PDX on Fri and flew out again that night for Chicago and Class reunion in Michigan. The reunion was great! I was able to visit with a lot of old classmates and teachers. It was hard to believe it had already been 20 years, some the teachers hadn't seemed to have changed. Saturday night we visited at Love Creek Nature center. A lot children.. :

I had forgotten how nice, tranquil and beautiful berrien county is, very little change in 20 years, which is good (although there did seem to be more vineyards). I managed to drive around on some of the roads i use to ride. Brought back good memories of the beautiful fun cycling we use to do. I also managed to visit with big Al Muldoon for a couple hours in St Joseph. He still riding very strong and look as young as he looked 20 years ago.

Baby-sat Harriet's children for a morning and carved pumpkins for halloween. They both were non-squimish and got their hands right into it!

Installing new windows in the house. doesn't take long, but what a mess !

Modified loose tight for riding to work. I really like these.. They were a very loose and are a very thin nike dri-clime ? material.. Like some warm- up pant. By sewing in a knee patch and by sewing up the side to make them less loose, they make a perfect riding tights / pants. Very light, and thin they can't hold much water. since they are loose they are much warmer than a on-the-skin-type tights, but cooler on a warmer day as well. Also they come on and off much quicker then a normal tight making them perfect for comutting.

Right now I am down in La Porte Tx and another Sulzer service center. Nice weather, but wow talk about car-centric living. Makes me happy to be in portland where at least there is more freedom !

2014 comments:  the house is sold and we are now in Hillsboro in a rented "townhouse".   Those damn tights / pants  I still have and still use ... :)