Monday, August 9, 2010

Goat Rocks Backpack

Went to the goat rocks wilderness area this past weekend. Very nice! The sign posted on the trailhead said it was by far one of the most popular backpack areas (I had last been there 10 years ago... ) and they weren't kidding. the parking was full and we passed or saw perhaps 60 plus hikers on Saturday... But it's a big area and we found a nice place to camp and it still felt nice and private, and the views were fantastic.

If the clouds would have cleared it would have even been nicer, because Mt Rainer, Adams and St Helens would have been visible. We didn't go super far, but still probably managed 2 mile Friday evening, 10 miles on Saturday, and 8 miles out on Sunday, a nice weekend getaway, that if you subract gas money(to get there) and initial tent, packs, sleeping bag etc, was totally free.

2014 comments: Wow, 5 years since our first trip to Goat Rocks. Since then we've been back once and we will definitely be back again. It's great place. But recommend not going on the weekend, its too busy :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Breaking Spokes on Tandem

In past posts I have written considerable amount about bicycle wheels. I am a proponent of high spoke tensions and do believe if you build the wheel correctly (stress relieve etc) the spokes should never break.

So imagine my surprise when I had two broken spokes on the drive side of tandem wheel (36 spoke 30mm deep rim). Did I put too much tension into the spokes? The answer is evidently yes, for the spokes used. For some reason I didn't use DT, wheelsmith or Sapim spokes, etc, but some other stainless db spokes I happened to have. My thinking must have been, "well if stress relieve correctly they will be fine."

Pic above: Broke spoke, Unbroke bad "poor" spoke, Proper Wheelsmith spoke (notice the nice filleted transition into the head). [what is a little concerning is I noticed some DT spokes have the same sharp edge...]

The spoke head was formed quite poorly, and that is what broke, more like "popped" off. The 'elbow' certainly didn't break. There is quite a sharp edge transition from the spoke wire into the head. This stress concentration spot is where a crack must have formed.
As expected for spokes that are going to break, they started breaking well under ~ a year of riding. Under the 'magic' 1e6 cycles.

I replaced all the drive spokes last week. Last night a non-drive side spoke broke, so it appears as though I will be replacing those spokes this weekend.

2014 comments and review:  As far as I can remember, I re-did the wheel and it has been perfect since.  the Tandem is now sold and we have a new lighter tandem (by tsunami ).  The new wheels for the new tandem are h plus son 43 mm deep rim with 24 spoke rear (2to1 pattern).  Its been great as well !  I used "rim bed washer" (custom made out of aluminum, yes that was lot of hacksaw and file work) to spread out the high spoke force.  The deep rim is nice for heat sink and for convection of heat during heavy braking. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Earth Democracy

With the new digital TV, occasionally OPB runs shows from Oregon state university. Flipping through the channels on a Saturday evening a couple weeks ago, this lecture was on. Very good, I couldn't help but sit and listen to it. Very well spoken. Discusses farming, seeds, etc. Not to be missed !! 44 minutes. I found the video online also, it is here.:

Click the high quality to get a better video.

There is a second video (part II) with the questions and answers.

A google of Earth Democracy and/or Vandana Shiva (the lecturer) brings up more links..

2014 comments:  With the new age of netflix, youtube etc, things like this seem to get lost in the sea of information... 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

new history book to read.

heard this on NPR the other day. Looks like a good book to pick up read.
Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security State (Hardcover)

The comment on that page by john hamilton is right up the alley with what james kunstler writes in "the long emergency":

"...The future does not bode well for the kind of system we have now - infinite growth of economic output, increased spewing of greenhouse gases, increased attempts at futile empire building, increased degradation of the environment, and infinite growth of population. All of these things take place in concert, in a synergy of dysfunction for the planet. It won't last."

2014 comments:  Hmmmf.  I don't think I ever finished that book, need to check it out again.  Kunstler:  I occasionaly visit his blog, if and when i remember.... 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Book Review

Just got done reading "The Long Emergency". Very well written and thought out. Learned a lot ! We might have to go back to horsepower. No not that horsepower, like a real Horse, with four legs, Power.

Started reading "How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk". Wow a very practical useful book. Not just for people who have young children. Published in 1980 ! Where have i been that i missed this book... ?

Both books recommended to me by my sweetie Harriet. How nice to have such a clever girlfriend !

Happy new year everybody. I have been quite busy. Hope to get some bicycle engineering posts done in the future. Meanwhile i will just post general happenings and such.

2014 comments: Whoa !  Harriet is now my wife :)