Monday, August 9, 2010

Goat Rocks Backpack

Went to the goat rocks wilderness area this past weekend. Very nice! The sign posted on the trailhead said it was by far one of the most popular backpack areas (I had last been there 10 years ago... ) and they weren't kidding. the parking was full and we passed or saw perhaps 60 plus hikers on Saturday... But it's a big area and we found a nice place to camp and it still felt nice and private, and the views were fantastic.

If the clouds would have cleared it would have even been nicer, because Mt Rainer, Adams and St Helens would have been visible. We didn't go super far, but still probably managed 2 mile Friday evening, 10 miles on Saturday, and 8 miles out on Sunday, a nice weekend getaway, that if you subract gas money(to get there) and initial tent, packs, sleeping bag etc, was totally free.

2014 comments: Wow, 5 years since our first trip to Goat Rocks. Since then we've been back once and we will definitely be back again. It's great place. But recommend not going on the weekend, its too busy :)